Thursday, 11 March 2010

Walk in the Park

I had to go shopping this morning, for stuff to take to stock up my dad's freezer. And then to library, to sort out the problem with the books I didn't take out, and get fresh books for our break next week. It was still lovely and sunny after that, so I took a quick trip to Farmleigh, which opened again today. I thought if I went home to drop the shopping off and get my new lens, I just wouldn't feel like going out again. I was probably right, especially as it was clouding over by the time I left, but with cold stuff in the car, it had to be short walk, just round the lake and through the walled garden.  It was lovely - the lake was still lightly iced over at one end, and there were birds all over the place...and carpets of spring flowers: crocuses in white, yellow and purples, snowdrops, cyclamen, and masses of daffodils on their way.

Tufted Duck

Magnolia Bud


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  1. I've been able to get out of the office for a 15 min. walk these last couple of days because it's been so nice. I wish I had some pretty scenery like this. I've never seen a cyclamen in the wild. What a find that would be. Glad you both like the pig!