Saturday, 27 March 2010

Coole Revisited

I was making a little mini-album of photos today to send to someone in America who is never going to make the trip over here that she had hoped for. While going through old albums to pick out photos from as many counties as possible, I came across photos of Coole from other visits over the years, and as I had the scanner set up beside my desk, I've scanned a couple just so you can see how it really does change dramatically, and truly never is the same.
This is the photo I posted from our visit last week -

From My Miscellany

I can't quite date the next one, I'd have to get out my negative files which are better classified than my photos. It's probably about ten years ago, because there was quite a break when we didn't have a car and couldn't go. In any case it was either late spring or autumn, and you can see how full it is - we didn't get our lakeside walk that time.

This one was when we were there over New Year's 1994/95. I mentioned before that there was heavy flooding that time. Even with our wellingtons we didn't get a lakeside walk on this occasion either. You couldn't walk any of the complete trails, and where the water was shallower, it was frozen over the paths. Great fun crunching over it and seeing the patterns as the ice broke up. You can just about make out in the photo where the reflection of the signposts end and the sign sticks up over the's not far from the top of the page, so you can see that the water was nearly up as far as the pointers.

And I did say that sometimes it's a luxuriant green sward filled with wildflowers, and nothing but the moss on the rocks to indicate that they are ever submerged...

 Apologies for the quality of the photos - I am not good enough at editing to try to tidy them up much.

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  1. It is amazing to see the differences in the terrain. I think it's wonderful that you have these pictures that can document it. Some people question us when we tell them we will be going back to the same place for our vacation, but even though you can find comfort in the familiarity of the surroundings, things change and I think it's like a little adventure sometimes, finding those changes. Of course, in the case of this particular series of photos, one can see that the changes can be quite dramatic.