Saturday, 6 March 2010

Saturday Walk

We took a short walk down the canal to the 12th lock this morning. C has a gig on Tuesday to practice for, and a pile of ironing, so short was the key word;  and down the canal meant that we passed the shopping centre on the way back for essentials like bread and milk.
. More swans - they seem to be out in abundance just now.

A moorhen taking a rest

Canal Maintenance (they are doing a lot at the moment. Last week we saw some type of "boat" that is obviously a floating platform for cutting trees from, and a lot of clearing has been done along the banks too. This man was wearing an Irish Waterways windcheater, and was doing some kind of work in the lock. He had a ladder tied to one of the bollards along the quay, for climbing down to the boat. While we were watching him we spotted a grey wagtail - a wonderful splash of yellow.

Another splash of colour - these little irises (barely six inches tall) were planted along the bridge.

And another splash of primary colour - large-scale litter, which must literally have made quite a splash wherever it was dropped in. There was a yellow hard-hat floating near it, too.

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  1. More gorgeous swan photos. I think your top photo of the swan is my favorite of yours so far!!! Fantastic Job!