Monday, 22 March 2010

Back from our trip west...

We packed up this morning, and left this beautiful view behind - with the daffodils just starting to come out along the drive. We were so lucky with the weather - it rained twice, both times at night. Sometimes there was sunshine, sometimes cloud, but pretty much dry. Except for this morning, just when C was starting to bring logs in from the shed out in the woods, to replenish what we had used. Then there was a most amazing sudden squall, with howling, whistling winds, which covered the lake in white - both waves, and a flock of gulls who must have landed to escape the wind.
Dromore Nature Reserve, County Clare was where we went for a walk on a somewhat overcast St. Patrick's Day. We've often been here in late spring and autumn, but apart from  a trip over New Year 2004/2005, this is the earliest we've been - it's all so bleak and bare, but still quite beautiful. The ruined castle dates from the 17th century. We saw a lot of swans and tufted ducks here, along with a heron and some fishermen.

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  1. Welcome back. It certainly sounds like you enjoyed yourselves. That is good. What a view! The clouds in the second picture are beatiful. Your pictures are so crisp I can almost breathe in the crispness of the air.