Thursday, 25 March 2010

By the sea, by the sea

This is still part of our Saturday outing, I just split the photos more or less into inland and coastal. All these are on the peninsula on the way to Finvarra. There's a Martello tower at the end, but as it was pretty cloudy by then I can't convince myself the photo is worth uploading. We saw a heron, meadow pipit, oyster catchers, gulls, wigeon and swans on the lake, and a curlew and more divers on the way back. There was also a group of 5 serious birders with their tripods and scopes, but we have no idea what they were hoping to see. Last time we were here we encountered the Lesser-Spotted Fair-weather Bikers from Ennis, but the weather obviously wasn't fine enough for them this time round.

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  1. I bet you would have thought that I would have known what a Martello tower is. I do now - thanks. Another learning experience along with the great pictures.