Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I took these pictures last week to have them ready for today (if my scheduled post works and I haven't messed up).

The 40m-tall St Patrick's Tower, built around 1757, is the tallest surviving windmill tower outside the Netherlands.

George Roe & Co Distillery on Thomas  Street  was powered by the largest smock windmill at that time in all Europe. Today the windmill's tower still stands and graces the Dublin skyline, blue capped with copper sheeting and a wind vane in the likeness of St. Patrick. It is known as St. Patrick's Tower, and it is located on what is now Guinness property. In fact, it was two years after Peter Roe established the Thomas Street Distillery, that Arthur Guinness set up his famous St. James' Gate Brewery across the street - quoted from

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