Saturday, 27 March 2010

Lough Bunny

Lough Bunny is in Galway, rather than Clare, just about five minutes from Kilmacduagh. On my 20th birthday I found some early gentians there, but March is definitely too early, even if Spring wasn't so late this year. But we had a lovely walk along the shore, which is just bare limestone. When the sun shone, the water was green - almost with a Mediterranean feel to it.

I made a sort of collage from a few pictures of two black-headed gulls we saw. We were both amazed to see how far they sank under water when they land; in that bottom left picture it wasn't actually diving, it had just landed.
"What big eyes you have, Grandma"!!
And that's it from Clare, until I get round to editing some of the lakeside photos we took.


  1. I have enjoyed each and every picture from your trip Sabrina. These last ones are so peaceful. What a wonderful country you live in! I am obsessed...every time the PBS station has a program on Ireland I am there watching. And I love the videos I own. You should do a book!! We would all buy it!! :-) Have a very nice weekend!

  2. oh a book is a good idea! I love the black-headed gull collage. Do u think they have got their black heads very early this year? I saw one a few weeks ago that already was dark. I seem to remember as a child that they didn't get them til later.