Monday, 1 March 2010

Fish Out of Water

As we got near the border between County Dublin and County Kildare on our Saturday walk,  C spotted a metal fish plate set into the ground by the canal bank...and then another...and many more as we walked along.

A quick look and it was obvious that they were all beside little fishing stands, with two or three steps down to the water level. I think the fish is meant to be a salmon, though I am basing this more on the fact that the Irish name for Leixlip (the town where we got the train back from)  means Salmon's Leap, than on anything else. The poster was at the Royal Canal Amenity Group slipway and moorings. You can see from all the languages how much fishing is part of the tourism industry. Although these days, with immigration, many places now have signs in more than just English and Irish. Polish being up there near the top, and Rumanian.

And my own fish in water...

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  1. I can see where you got your inspiration today. Were the fish plates numbered in some order or has the number something to do with the water depth? Just wondering. That's an interesting poster about the catch and release program. I just love how you tied this all together with your wonderful card.