Sunday, 28 February 2010

Wide open vistas

Part of the (Royal) Canal near us is quite narrow; the stretch is known as the Deep Sinking. It runs through an old quarry, and some of it is up to 30 feet below the tow path. It doesn't look wide enough for two boats to pass - I don't know how they used to manage when it was a functioning waterway. We've passed a memorial to an accident in the late 1800s when some people died.
So for us, it's always nice when we walk a bit further than normal, like yesterday, and can enjoy wide open spaces like these, and more sky and sunshine as the paths are wider and less crowded by trees.

Aren't the colours in the photo of the railway maintenance car wonderful! It was worth stopping to switch to a wide-angle lens to capture it. They're working on a new spur off the railway line - when we got the train back, we could see all the concrete ties laid down, waiting for the rails to go on.

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