Saturday, 16 January 2010

Winter Warmer - Bottled Sunshine

The last two places we lived, there were great independent greengrocers, who would get anything you asked for if they could get it themselves at the market the next morning.
Where we live now, we are lucky enough to still have a small  greengrocer. However, he doesn't go to market,  he just gets everything delivered, and you just have to hope that he has what you need, improvise, or try elsewhere. A couple of years ago when I made enquiries about marmalade oranges, he said there was no interest in them. In view of the fact that he stocks Chinese Leaves, I found that rather a surprising statement, but as he didn't offer to get any for me, I left it at that.
Yesterday I was so pleased to find them in the supermarket. I think it's a shame they have such a short season, because there are so many things you can do with them apart from just making marmalade.
Today, as we are flat out of Grand Marnier and almost out of Cointreau, I put some of them towards making some Seville Orange Liqueur.
This is the zest and juice from 8 Seville oranges, just under a pound of sugar, a little cinnamon and coriander, and then a bottle of brandy to finish it off. It should be ready to filter and bottle in about a month - then it will go into orange sauces, chocolate mousse and whatever.

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  1. Oh you are making me green with envy Sabrina!! I have never tried anything like this. It sounds marvelous! And thank you my dear. I received your surprise birthday card and stamp today. Wow it got here quickly!! I love it so much I have already posted it on my blog and at SCS. You are appreciated! Hope you are having a nice weekend. :-)