Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year's Day in the Snow

Just a few of the best photos from New Year's Day. C wanted to drive to the park in the snow, but I persuaded him that walking down to the next train station beyond ours, and then along the canal, would be just as scenic.

 C dressed for the cold and singing Sweet Caroline under the bridge.

Highway engineering - we'll be glad when they are finished - some of the junctions are quite tricky to navigate just now - even without snow and ice.

Down at the marina - so called. One somehow doesn't think of a rather decaying canal as having something as up-market sounding as a marina!

 You can see a photo of more of the houseboats here:

 On the green

Mini Me -this cute little snowman can't have been much more than eight inches high.

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  1. That snowman is just the cutest!!! And I take it C is your dh?? Good looking guy he is!!!