Thursday, 14 January 2010

Five Green Bottles

More photos from last weekend. I loved the tiny little bits of colour in mostly monochromatic scenes.
For some reason the one with people walking through the little wooded passage reminds me a bit of Lowry paintings.

Five Green Bottles...

Walking through the woods...


  1. I so enjoy your pictures Sabrina and get excited when I see you have posted more. And thanks too for caring enough to say anything the other night. It meant more than you know. Saying something is better than saying nothing at all even though you don`t know what to say. And I do truly appreciate it. On to a lighter note...I would have done a card today but I kept refreshing the challenge page and it never showed up. Have a great evening! Hugs. Judi

  2. Those five green bottles - don't you wonder the story behind them? Who left them there? What were they doing? What were they talking about? Was it a happy ocassion or a sad one? I think that is just the sort of picture that a professor would show a creative writing class - there are so many possibilities.