Thursday, 7 January 2010

It's Still Cold Here

I had a little photo shoot with the robin this morning. I was glad to see him, after not having seen him at all yesterday. It must be tough on the birds in this weather; we are getting a lot of pigeons and some magpies scavenging for what they can find.

Then I stamped the snow off my boots when I went in to get a bowl of water to put out for the birds (not that it stayed as water for too long), and was amused by the pattern the snow made. It reminded me of a jumper I once knit my half-brother, which had a border of mice and fish skeletons - the snow made me think fish.

And in the afternoon I had to go out to get milk, and put some letters in the post in case there would be a collection. We have a sort of freezing fog today, so instead of the crystal clear visibility of yesterday, today was quite a different atmosphere. I loved the splash of blue from this mother and child skipping down the path.

This time, frost on the bus shelter instead of snow on my skylight.

I was certainly glad that I'd gone back into the house to get my camera. Not that climbing the ladder to the attic in wellingtons is something I would like to do every day! And - I managed to find my missing memory card. I wasn't worried about losing photos, because I knew they were all uploaded. But I like having two in my camera - then if I've taken one out to put in the card reader, there's still another one there.
 I have to work tomorrow afternoon, to make up for today being cancelled. So  C & I might meet up in town and go out for a meal - now there's a rare treat!


  1. Your snow patterns look a lot like the brands from this week's teapot! They're definitely cool. The look on the bird in the second photo is precious. You have to wonder what they're thinking. I hope you get to have that meal together.

  2. Fabulous photos, specially the one of the snow inprint, the mother & child and the bird in the post above this one.
    You definitely got much more snow than we did here.