Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snowy, Snowy Day...

Paint your palette white and grey,
Look out on a winter's day
With eyes that see the coldness in the air...
I got to work with no problems, as did C who was lamenting not having taken the motorbike today.
But by the time I was in town for work, there was light snow.
And by the time I went  in to the city centre after work to get some wool, there was heavy took me a lot longer than usual to get home. All the roads that had been pretty much clear in the morning were now blanketed with white.
This was taken through a very dirty bus window, at one of the entrances to Phoenix Park, as we crawled by in slow, heavy traffic.

This was when I got off the bus stop -

And this is an edited abstract of the snow on my skylight :D

And I have to face getting in to work tomorrow in whatever has happened overnight. I was meant to be off, but someone else is stuck in Berlin, and Dublin Airport is closed till at least eight this evening - so his chances of making it back to Dublin, let alone work, are slim.


  1. I love the silence of the snow - how it muffles all the sounds. And I love pictures like the one you took of your skylight. I always think they would make great background papers. Be safe!

  2. Your photographs are spectacular, Sabrina! I especially love the ice on the skylight. Like you, I hate having to drive to work under terrible weather conditions. Just take it slow and be safe!