Friday, 29 January 2010

Busy week

We had training in work this week - 8.30 for breakfast, 9 to 5 for two days. I took a lift in the mornings with C - it meant he dropped me off way too early; but the option was to leave the house before him and still only arrive at about quarter to nine, if the experiences of other people living along the same bus routes was anything to go by. The first morning I walked to fill in time. Yesterday there was more of a sunrise (usually I just see these from the bus, and by the time I get into town the glorious colours have faded), so I snapped this picture from the bridge at Heuston Station.

The photo challenge on Splitcoast this week was things beginning with P, which presented me with a plethora of possibilities.
Here's a sampler:

 Post Office on Earlsfort Terrace

Pedestrian Walkway
or Parallel Lines

Pots of Pink Paint



  1. It was worth the trouble of waking up very early Sabrina, great way to take some photos. Having said that, I like the paints one best, which I guess it was taking at the confort of your own home.
    The winter snow photos are fabulous. It was great to have these days of snow, if nothing else, it was a unusual photo challenge in Ireland.

  2. I'm speechless--can you believe that? Awesome photography! The sunrise photo is stunning, and I really like the effect of the parallel lines photo.