Friday, 8 January 2010

Iced Berries for Dessert

Had to work this afternoon, met C afterwards for a meal. We eat downmarket when we eat out; it's hard to pay €70 or €80 for a nice meal with wine when I know that most of the time I could cook a better meal at home for half the price, with even better wine. So we had kebabs, and then came home.
Took quite a lot of photos in the morning around here, and in the afternoon in town, but for now I'm just going to share this thrush that I spotted this morning. There was a pair of them trying to eat (I guess) the frozen berries - they were certainly tugging and pecking at them. Makes me think the bird on the patio that C identified as a dark thrush is a hen blackbird, which was my suggestion in the first place...


  1. IM LOVIN' this fantastic colorful picture!!!!

  2. I picked out an Audubon bird calendar for this year and their January bird is nothing compared to this one! What a composition! The coloration of the bird with the frosted branch and berries is beyond words.

  3. Wow Sabrina! I am just in awe of your photography skills. I keep telling you ought to collect a portfolio of your work and see about getting it into a book. I am very serious! Your pictures are much better than the ones I have seen in magazines and books. Thanks for sharing with us!