Monday, 4 January 2010

Ayesha's Coat of Many Colours

We must have loved the song from Joseph about his coat of many colours when we were little. We first heard it on BBC Radio's Listen with Mother, and mum must have written in to ask what it was, because she got the reply that it was from the musical, and we then got the LP - which I still have, although I've supplemented it with a CD for ease of playing and lack of scratches.
Don't you love making something from nothing. Creating is always satisfying, but creating from scraps is even more so. Over the years C has had three or more jumpers knit either totally or almost totally from scraps, and I have at least one. With the result that many of the scraps left are not what I would use in knitting for us. So - this is for the 2-year old daughter of one of the girls in work. She wanted to pay me for it, but the wool cost nothing, and I even managed to find 6 buttons the right size in my button box. And much of it was knit in work, where my time is paid for anyway. It's a Kaffe Fassett design, with different colours and slightly modified to suit my wool

Here's an old photo of C modelling a jumper I knit for a friend back in 2003. Again, the star design is one of Kaffe Fassett's. But because this was going to a friend in Georgia, I had to knit it in as fine a wool as possible  if he was to get much chance of wearing it, so I had to work out the jumper pattern myself.  I used 2-ply pure wool from the Shetlands, so even with three colours in many rows, the overall jumper is not too heavy . It furnished me with many leftovers, but I think now they are pretty much all used up.

It continues with below freezing temperatures here. C was all set to take the train this morning - but a train had broken down and no south-bound trains were running. So he came back and waited for a while - as if the ice was going to melt much!! - but then ventured in with great care on the motorbike. He reckons he'll give the train another chance tomorrow, though :D - especially with more snow forecast. And I am guessing that even with the schools still off, I will stick with my early bus and not risk the later one when I head in to work tomorrow.


  1. I do not believe there is anything you can`t do my friend! I have tried so many times to learn knitting and so far its a no go. I do crochet. My sister knits and my mom did. Wish I had let her teach me when I was younger. Beautiful sweater!!!! You are so talented. Hugs!! I am off to go eat dinner.

  2. I meant to comment on this the other day and then couldn't get to it at work today. This is just absolutely beautiful. I love the fact that you reused the wool. And such a gorgeous pattern. I saw someone on Etsy recently who was selling repurposed wool/yarn. What a lucky little girl that's getting this!