Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Late Friday Evening...

Just a selection of pictures from Friday evening in town. It was really getting a bit too dark for shooting without a tripod by the time I'd walked in from work. All these were taken in the grounds of Dublin Castle - the peacock weather vane is on the Chester Beatty Library, which is the museum for Oriental Art. It's also where one of my favourite restaurants is - the Silk Road Café. I just wish they opened in the evenings.


In the wake of the snow, we had no water yesterday. For some reason, even though today there are water tankers in two locations very near us, we are alright again. Perhaps the council were trying to restore water today to people who had to do without yesterday.

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  1. I just love visiting your blog, Sabrina, and seeing your beautiful photography. It's wonderful seeing the sights of your beautiful homeland.