Friday, 22 January 2010

Town birds...

Yesterday was such a grey and dreary day. I was visiting my GP, and then had coffee with a good friend. She was trying to offer me a lift to the train station - less than ten minutes walk, and while it was miserable, the weather wasn't so bad that I couldn't walk it easily. Mind you, it wasn't good enough to walk along the seafront, even though I had tucked my big camera into my bag in hope.
Today, by contrast, was bright and blue and sunny, with a mist rising from the ground in the crisp morning air. The photo of the magpies and their nest is just near my bus stop in the mornings. One of the guys in work says they have magpies on their road who steal the windscreen wiper blades from cars and use them for their nest. Sometimes people who have parked their cars there to get the train are surprised to come back and find the wiper blades gone - and if they ask any of the locals did they take them, they get shown the nest in the tree.
Magpies at home...

The bird sticker was along the quays - it's most definitely from a Dublin Bus poster.

Someone seems to be going around sticking a lot of stuff like that around - the parking pay-station just across the road has a bird that makes me think of  a jackdaw stuck to it, and one of the light-posts near the Law Society has a Victorian lady silhouette.

 Took a quick snap of the reflections in the Liffey after work. Sometimes it's calm enough for the reflections to run right to the wall, but not today. Seeing them always reminds me of a walk down the Canal St Martin in Paris, and the reflections of the houses there. I'll have to see can I rummage up a few pictures of that over the weekend.


This penguin winged her way over to Charlene for her birthday ; we have one here dressed in the colours of the football team C supports. I have to admit it was quite nice making one that didn't have to be child-friendly. So much easier to glue the eyes on than making little wool ones that have to be stitched tight all the way through the stuffing and trying to end up with them both looking identical. The lovely red wool from her hat and scarf set was bought several years ago for a bolero-style cardigan - and was the hardest wool I have ever knit with in my life. Even knitting fine 28-gauge wire is easier!! I've thrown the last scraps out after having rediscovered how bad it was to knit with.

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  1. It looks like someone is staging a scavenger hunt in your area with those icons here and there. And you're ahead of the game. Your penguin is so cute. I'm sure Charlene will love it!