Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday in the Park

When I measured the snow in the back garden this morning, it was six inches deep. Yesterday I'd bought a new feeder, to try to stop big birds eating all the fat balls up too quickly, so this morning it was lovely to see two coal tits pecking away at it.
After breakfast we went to the park for a walk...Next time I re-read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books I will have a much better understanding of how hard work it must have been breaking trails in the snow - it wasn't long before my calves were aching when we walked cross country. We saw lots of birds, including a tiny little wren foraging away on a tree. We also saw some dedicated bikers, a couple of whom were having trouble getting enough traction in the snow going uphill, and one guy who had one of those surfing kites, and presumably was aiming to snowboard along. It was snowing heavily just then - too cold for us to stand and wait to see did he achieve lift-off. We saw the kite up once, but he didn't have whatever he was going to use - skis or snowboard or whatever it was, so he just let it fall again.

Her owner said that they had always thought Dotty was whiter, till they saw her in the snow!

Ducks on one of the lakes

The other lake, a lot more frozen than it was on Christmas Day. All we saw on it today was one hooded crow.

Although we were in an area where the deer normally congregate, this pair racing through the snow were the only two we saw all morning. A photo can't capture the magic of seeing them springing along.


  1. Gorgeous pictures as always Sabrina! How lucky to live near such beauty. We too are fortunate and live out in the country but we have no water other than a small stream within walking distance. It is hard to imagine what hard work they had just in doing every day chores. We are spoiled. As always thanks for sharing! We watched football today but our teams did not fare well. Hugs, Judi

  2. I love your photos, Sabrina! I never read the books, but I loved the Little House on the Prairie television series from so many years ago. Their lives were hard, but they were a happy family.