Sunday, 15 May 2011

Wet, wet robin

As I mentioned, we had some very heavy rain showers yesterday! From the activity around the feeders, and not just birds feeding but also flying off with food in their beaks I think there must be a good few hatchlings in the trees along the railway line. Here the robin was trying to gather up as many mealworms as he could to fly off with, after having eaten some himself.

The other photos were taken at the coconut feeder. Of all the birds the robin seems to be the one to arrange himself in a rather nonchalant, pensive pose which amuses me.

At the same time, the smaller birds cling on to the nut and perch quite comfortably while they're picking away - they don't seem to mind much whether one claw is dug into the fat or hooked around the nut - but the robin seems to use his wings much more to keep balanced.


  1. What lively photos. You sure get the good action at your feeders.

  2. Magnificent photos of your beautiful robins, which are different from ours, of course! You really captured some great action shots.

  3. Poor robin! I haven't been here for a while, and it's a treat to look at your photos. Specially this one and the blue tit ones. The staircase post also caught my eye as well as Wally before and after.
    The April cards are gorgeous, the flowers and the bird on the second one are what I saw first, but then I noticed the detail on the leaves - brilliant!