Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hot off the needles

Latest knitting project; I had been hoping to make it in either yellow or green, but after trying several shops it seems that 3-ply only comes in white. Apparently there's not much demand for it at all, let alone in colours. I know I made one in yellow some years back, but that wool was mail order from the Shetlands, and I didn't think I'd have time for that this time round. And indeed, I finished the shawl on Monday and the baby arrived on Monday also, just a couple of days early. The centre of the shawl is easy, just time-consuming. The lace border requires more focussed attention. I got a lot done in the car on two trips up to the North with C, who was attending music rehearsals. I'll admit that trying to knit while listening to the music was less successful, and did call for a bit of ripping, but as the pattern becomes easy to remember after the first twenty repeats or so, that was not too big an issue.

Looking at the card now I should have switched the tree and the sun around, to have the sun in the opposite corner to the little chick, but it's too late now. Thanks for the inspiration to use this stamp after seeing your little duck, Lorraine.

I hope to go into town after work on Thursday and get some more wool for another baby project. It's hard to know when and where all the diversions are with the Queen's visit, but since I normally walk into town I don't think it will be a problem. C had no trouble at all this morning, but said he had to take a long detour on the way home.

These barriers were waiting to be set up on one of the Liffey bridges, along with a notice saying that any bicycles would be removed. They're making it very hard to cross the road anywhere other than at traffic lights! I'm pretty good about only crossing at lights anyway, but the one exception is this stretch of the quays where it's normally easy to cross, and much nicer to walk along the river side.


  1. Your knitting is awesome. I can't do anything in the car anymore like that. It's such a good way to use that time and with such special results in this case. I think you're card is adorable. I wouldn't have changed a thing.

    We were thinking about you today with all the news of the events there. Hope that things are settling down and safe for you.

  2. lovely shawl and card too :) Hope you manage to get around town ok, I think the afternoon will be a bit freer as she will be in Croke Park. Sad that some people have to try and spoil what should be a happy historic occasion. So amazing to see it all unfold!