Saturday, 14 May 2011

Birds here, there and everywhere.

I would be embarassed to admit how many bird photos I have taken in the last two days. I'll just try to pick a few and spread them out all week.
Last week when I was getting more of the fat-balls I got the half-coconut as well, thinking that I hadn't seen a blue tit in ages, and maybe it would tempt one into the garden. Well - as you can see it did, but a lot of the other birds seem to be enjoying it too. I was so happy to see a blue tit again. We see a pair of coal-tits most days, and they're used enough to us that they don't fly away instantly, but while they're endearing little birds I always think they're a bit scruffy looking, and they don't have the cheeky charm of the blue tits.There's something about the face of a blue tit when you see it front onwards that always makes me smile.

We had more thundery showers today - not as much thunder as yesterday, but some pretty heavy rain when it came. I was weeding one of the borders while the soil was soft after the rain, and found a nigella bud for last week's SCS challenge.


  1. those are really lovely photos, absolutely love them. It's early for a Nigella bud, did it seed itself from last year? My wildflower seeds are just coming up, about an inch and half high now!

  2. What a beautiful little bird, Sabrina!!! What a joy to look out in your garden at such a sweet little bird!!! We have a pair of cardinals that have taken up residence in our trees and we have an owl someplace...I hear him at night but have not seen him. The rest of the birds are big, black, and not too friendly...LOL!!

  3. What a sweet little bird. I have a ceramic blue tit that a teacher gave me somewhere. I always thought it would be a real treat to actually see one as they are so pretty.