Friday, 13 May 2011


I tried to post last night but Blogger was down. I had to get some more rolls and extra bacon when we had an unexpected lunch guest yesterday, so I walked the long way to the butcher's, down the canal. We saw several thrushes in the woods - it was hard to take a good photo because of the low light levels - I had to push the ISO level up, which has made them a bit grainy.. I was puzzled, too, as to what sort of berries it could have - all the ivy is long gone at this stage. But this afternoon I noticed a couple of ripe mahonia berries on the patio, so perhaps that's what it was.I could be wrong, but I think it's actually managed to tuck three in there.

The hooded crow I saw on a green area, when I was trying a second local shop for ciabatta. No luck - we had to have our BLT on demi-baguettes instead.


  1. great photos :D I did post last night but it has disappeared.......earlier they said they would restore the posts that they removed last night but nothing yet...not sure whether to post today or not!

  2. You have the most interestingly patterned birds. I love the spotted breast on the thrush - great camouflage to some, but you found it! And the hooded crow - never seen one of those. Much more interesting that our stark black crows.