Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bud hunting, bug finding.

In point of fact I wasn't hunting for either. Today was the day for the annual clean-up in our area. I must admit that while I knew from a neighbour that it would probably be today, I hadn't read the  Residents Association newsletter that came through the door, and it wasn't till I saw the same neighbour in her An Tasice bib that I remembered. So I went out to pick litter for an hour - and just like last year, my arm is sore from using that picker-upper.  The council guys who do it every day must have great muscles in their arms!! So while I was litter-picking I came across some field poppies, and went back after lunch to grab a photo - to the bemusement of the guy who lived in the house they were near.

I also noticed that my little orchid iris which I grew from seed several years back had actually survived the winter, and although the leaves are in very poor condition there was a bud this morning - and a flower by the afternoon.

Come the evening it's rained and rained and rained  on and off - just what we need. C wasn't impressed at getting soaked through on the bike again - he'd only just got his gloves and jacket dry from the other night, but I've been planting seeds and I'm sure they'll be happier after this.

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  1. Lucky you had the chance to go back, but luckier to find again what you saw. Sounds like you had a very productive day.