Friday, 27 May 2011

Baby, Maybe Baby

I went out to bring the sheets in from the line before it started to rain, and was rewarded with one of the more daring baby robins. When I consider all the different places I hear their insistent "Feed me" cheeping from, and see all the directions the parents fly off in, it must be quite a stressful time for the parents. Especially with those magpies around!

Feed Me

Feeding looks to be a bit of a hit and miss affair still!!

Definitely a baby sparrow

This little coalie is so scruffy that I wonder is it a juvenile. Either that or moulting, because this was not any time after a rain shower.

Likewise this little blue with his Gary Rhodes spiky hairdo...

...or maybe in his case it was just the wind!!

Raiders of the back porch. Not a great shot, but in their endeavour to keep those little beaks fed, the robins aren't afraid to come into the back porch. They obviously sussed out where the worms come from.

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  1. How funny. He puts so much into his cheeping that his wings flap. Looks like you had a really productive birding day.