Friday, 13 May 2011

...and flowers

The hawthorn is out in full bloom all along the roads and hedgerows now. It feels to me as if it's been out for a long time - I'm sure we noticed it on a trip to the North in early March, but along the canal banks it's cascading down in falls of blush and cream..

We had a lot of heavy thundery showers this afternoon - the lightning must have been to the front or side of the house, as I didn't see it. I like the smell of warm wet earth after a dry spell!


  1. I love hawthorn, it's so pretty and bright after the bare branches of winter. We had a spectacular hailstorm today with thunder and lightning, about an inch of hailstones fell in a few minutes, I actually thought the car windscreen was going to crack. Amazingly, my little baby seedlings just seemed to bounce back!

  2. I think my irises have disappeared. Too much shade. The hawthorne looks splendid adorning those banks.