Sunday, 22 May 2011


Yesterday was a day with a LOT of rain interspersed with occasional sunshine. As it was quite dull and I was trying to catch some action pictures of the birds my ISO was high and some of these are a bit grainy. but I enjoyed watching the chaffinch. He's not an everyday visitor like the robins, sparrows and coal tits.
I was watching some web-cam footage of some baby great tits, and my goodness, the clamour seven tiny little beaks and birds came make. If our robins are experiencing anything at all like that, no wonder they are both out foraging almost non-stop, even if they get wet in the process. CiarĂ¡n said he saw one right in the back room of the house this afternoon, perched on the lunchbag on his desk. No food there for robins!

Doing the stomp dance

In the naughty corner

Shake those tail feathers

A briar rose flowering at the end of the garden. Most of what grows between us and the railway line is brambles, but there are also a couple of wild roses which I love for the flowers now and the bright red hips later on.

It's quite a rainy forecast for this week too, with the possibility of thunder late in the week. At least it's good for the garden,  but I feel I can almost see the grass growing.


  1. We have been having unbelievable rain here too. The blues have fledged, but I can hear them in the trees - too much rain to catch them dancing like your chaffinch which is a very cute post by the way.

  2. Great photos as always, the last one of the chaffinch, it looks like it is giving out at something!