Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Flying Visit

And I thought this week was going to be less busy than last! What gave me that impression, I wonder.
These photos do not bear much enlarging, but just for a change from birds on the feeders or the wall...Because of the grey overcast day I had to use a high ISO setting to be able to get any photos at all, and this is my full zoom as far as it will go, so they are a bit grainier than I would like.
Blue Tit
 Coal Tit

They are singing so loudly at the moment, it amazes me to stand in the back garden and listen to the volume and variety of sound coming from these tiny birds.
They are perched in  tall trees which grow between the end of our garden and the railway station - I can see the tips of them through my skylight.


  1. What lovely pictures you take!

  2. Ahhhh, beautiful little birdies. Wanda is right - lovely.

  3. Love your birdie photos Sabrina! Keep them coming please! We have a resident woodpecker I have been trying to capture on film but he is camera shy!