Friday, 5 February 2010

Bridge over Liffey Waters

After a week of wet, dark, grey mornings, today was bright and sunny - so I tucked my big camera into my bag before work, as I knew it would be fairly low tide when I was walking along the river. Not a duck, not a heron - not even a seagull! But I liked the colours on these supporting pillars from the different water levels.
If I have time over the weekend I'll try to find a photo of one of the bridges in Paris which has a sculpture carved on it, which is used as a gauge of high water levels...


  1. Those would be wonderful colors for a masculine card! How very inspiring. We're supposed to be snowed in tomorrow - I may give that a try.

  2. Oh, I like the photos, do the water marks always turn out this colourful or is only luck?

    I am impressed by your embroidery.

    And might have a go at the soup, we're in soup mood lately.