Sunday, 21 February 2010

Still in the Botanics

Bridge over Frozen Water

Paradise Chatter - C thought I really didn't need any more photos of Strelitzia, but I liked taking this silhouetted against the windows; they really did make me think of some exotic birds or animals gossiping away.

??? He also thought the last thing in the world I needed was another 20 shots of a robin.

 Open a little wider, please!!

I do have a wooden heart:  this is a bench in a little Sensory garden - full of grasses for sound, a water feature and heavenly scents. This time of year it was the Wintersweet that was dominating.


  1. That does indeed look like a conversation. I wonder what they're talking about. My husband missed a picture of an owl in our shed this morning - he didn't want to wake me and he didn't know how to get the camera off the tripod. Needless to say, he got a quick lesson. It was gone when we went back.

  2. Amazing photos. I am after our resident woodpecker. He is a handsome specimen but seems to be camera shy. :-)

  3. Magnificent photos, Sabrina! The birds of paradise DO appear to be chatting with one another, and I love how you captured the open beak of the robin. It reminds me of the terrific photos my husband captured one summer of mama robin feeding her baby a worm on our deck rail. Do you think they'd like some m&ms? :-)