Thursday, 11 February 2010

Cold and Bright

Today was bitterly cold in the morning - but by the time I was coming home from work there was real warmth in the sunshine.
The photo of James Joyce Bridge was taken on the way to work.

The one of the lamp-post and rooftops was taken on the way home.

Next week is another busy week till Friday - I hope nothing comes up to make it any busier than it already is.
I ordered a new lens for my camera. Despite adverse weather conditions in Kentucky this morning, it's now arrived in Germany. Please Mr UPS, deliver it in the afternoon and not in the morning, whether it's tomorrow or Monday.
p.s. Elisa - as far as the colours of the water marks go, it was a matter of the sunshine enhancing them. The greens are always there, and sometimes a sort of purple - but on a dull day they just make you think of heather-covered mountains on a cloudy day. It's amazing the difference a bit of sunshine makes.


  1. You take the most wonderful pictures with reflections. The chimney pots are very interesting how they're all lined up but different too. And I must say you have the most beautiful lamp posts.

  2. Gorgeous pictures as always my friend!! What a gift to live near such beauty. TFS!! Hugs, Judi

  3. Beautiful photography, Sabrina! I love how well you captured the reflection of the bridge in the water. I have thought of you and your eye for photography many times in our travels, and I find myself looking at things in a totally new way. For example, one night we were listening to a street musician and he had three guitars lined up beside him. One guitar, in particular, caught my attention and how it was framed by the surrounding greenery. I found myself thinking, "I bet Sabrina would think that would be a cool picture!"
    It's been unseasonably cold and rainy here, but vacation has been good. We head home tomorrow, and I am anxious to get back to my stamp room!