Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Cold, Light and Refreshing

In chronological order, I snapped the empty Coors bottle the last weekend in January, when I was walking down to get the paper and whatever else.

Just last week the ad on the hoarding opposite my bus stop in town changed from one for Volkswagen to this one for Coors...

The lamp post photo was taken yesterday. I took a lift to the dentist with C. He was always going to let me off a bit before the dentist, so that it would be easier for him to turn and get back in to work himself without being too much later than normal. As we left a bit earlier than called for in Plan A, I got off the bike at the Leinster Road junction, and walked on out to Terenure crossroads. I noticed this lamp post somewhere along the way, and had time to stop and take a quick picture.


  1. The frost on the bottle looks almost like fur growing out of it. Great pic! I really love the lamp post. The shape is so beautiful and the shamrock such a nice surprise tucked in that crook.