Saturday, 20 February 2010

First visit of the year to the Botanic Gardens...

...which will keep me supplied with photos to share for a few days. Yesterday the forecast for today was bright and sunny, after a cold night below freezing. We woke up bright and early, to discover that it was NOT bright or sunny, just cold. So cold that I went off to find an extra blanket for the bed till it was time to get up. But by the time I was coming back from getting the paper and vegetables, the blue sky was peeping through, and by the time the brownies were out of the oven, C was happy enough to come along for a trip to the gardens.

Some dead clematis in the fence around the magnolia patch. I think C must have wondered why I took this, as when he saw it on screen he said it was a hundred times better than he was expecting.

One of the few times I actually remembered to stick some nuts in my pocket for the squirrels - and the only squirrel we saw was already being fed by somebody else.

I always love the structure of the Curvilinear range of glasshouses.

This was a tiny little magnolia in a pot in the Australian/S. African zone glasshouse. The tree can't have been much more than a foot or 16 inches tall, and the copper bloom can't even have been as big as my thumb.

And a bud, on the same little magnolia


  1. Sabrina, that clematis reminds me of the fluff that our bird gives off when he's preening himself. It looks so much like that I wonder if it's as soft. Great picture. You have a wonderful eye. I love how you find the architectural details that make things so interesting. What clarity in that last picture to see the spider webs. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Sabrina, it is a joy to look at your photos, the ones that speak to me most are in this post, the photo of the glasshouse (I did think it was some sort of elaborate bench) and the magnolia buds - the dark red of the petal against the furry white of the stem - perfect!
    I enjoyed reading your camera-biography, it is interesting how we tend to stick to a certain brand, I'm nikon biased. And yes, I had to google "munificent" ;-)