Sunday, 7 June 2009


The photo challenge on SCS this week was shoes.
Since the weather took a sudden unexpected turn for the better after the torrential rains of yesterday, and is expected to get worse again during the week, I thought I'd take advantage of the sunshine and take a picture this evening.
(I am not a shoe person - I am happiest in my bare feet. My days of running barefoot in the woods or up in the hills are probably long gone, (any running these days is just when I know that if I jog all the way to the bus stop from work I have a good chance of making the early bus), but I still kick my shoes off as soon as I am in the front door. In all the time that I did run barefoot, I only ever hurt my feet twice - I am sure that when you run barefoot you compensate much more for the ground than you do in shoes. After all, the time I really hurt them was when they got too cold to feel the groound as I ran. Well - who'd expect a major hailstorm at the end of April when it had been a fine spring day !! Before the storm, I'd been sitting on a tree trunk watching a vixen and her cubs playing in the clearing.)

However, I do have some favourite shoes. This pair was a lucky find, and cost more than I would have spent if they hadn't gone so perfectly with the dress. The dress itself was expensive fabric when I made it eighteen or nineteen years ago - but as I still wear it every summer, it would have been cheap at half the price.

And here's an old photo from 1991. Not wearing those shoes in it, though!

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