Monday, 22 June 2009


I don't know when after will be!
I was sure that when this didn't arrive on Friday, that I would have to go to the sorting office for it one day this week, but our wonderful postman managed to squeeze it through the porch window! It's Aran-weight pure wool from the Shetland Islands, and I'm going to knit a modern Icelandic design with it. It knits in one piece from the neck down, so it's going to get a bit too big to bring into work quite quickly, I fear. I have to knit a tension sample too, because the pattern only comes in one size - medium/large, with a 47 1/2" chest. So I have a feeling that I'll probably knit it on one size smaller needle. Hard to know, as the last sweater I knit from the Icelandic collection I had to re-knit the whole thing as medium turned out to be a bit too small for comfort.

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