Sunday, 7 June 2009

Wet Wet Wet

My goodness, from heatwave to floods. We were lucky; no major flooding on the roads we were on, just heavy rain almost non-stop. It was unfortunate that the knob for adjusting the heating in the car had got stuck with all the hot air being directed at our faces, but luckily we have a portable fan for the dashboard which we could direct at the window to keep it fairly clear.
These pictures were taken along the seafront in Greystones. As we had seen a northbound train just as we were driving under the bridge at the North Beach, I knew we had time to spare before my aunt and uncle would arrive on their southbound train.
I can remember as a child that often in the winter storms seaweed would be blown right across the road, and sometimes the wind would be so strong that you could lean back on it.
There was so much spray yesterday that I had to take the pictures in a hurry - if I could taste salt spray on my face, I sure didn't want it on the camera! It wasn't even meant to be all that windy of a day - I think it's just that I miss living by the sea.

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