Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Finished, at last...

I thought I had the day off today, but got a phone-call at 8 to see could I go in. As it was such a miserable wet morning, I was as well off in work as at home. What luck to have had yesterday off instead, and the glorious weather. Anyway, I was able to finish sewing up this little baby jacket in work. Perfect timing, as I ordered some wool from Jamieson and Smith this week to knit a new jumper for myself. I'd knit a Guernsey style tunic for a friend's son (she has a backlog of knitting at the moment) and when I gave it to him, he gave me €40 to spend on wool for myself. He'd wanted to choose some for me, but choices here are pretty narrow these days. He'd probably have chosen well - all of twenty-something years ago when he was possibly still in his late teens, he chose some wool as a thank-you. While it was not one I would have bought myself ever, I loved the colour and wore the resulting jumper till there were holes in the elbows. It was my first introduction to the Kilcarra wools, which I still love for their texture. It just seems crazy that it's easier to get an Irish-made wool mail-order from the UK than it is to find it here.
Anyway, this is what I made for Ade's baby. I wouldn't have chosen to use navy for an African baby, but I offered her the choice of buying wool she wanted, or using this which I had, and at the end of the day it was her choice. Anything that's a change from pink, is what she said.

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  1. what a darling sweater, I love the buttons and your pattern. I love to knit, but since discovering paper, I have set it aside. I didn't learn until I was 40 (being a lefty, it was hard). Thanks for the very nice eye've almost tempted me into picking up a long ago project!!!