Wednesday, 3 June 2009


The photo challenge this week on SCS was bridges.
I checked the tide tables (the river is still quite tidal where I cross it on the way to work) and reckoned it was worth sticking the wide-angle lens on my camera and a quick jog to catch the early bus and see what I could get before work.
The first photo, of the James Joyce bridge, isn't the best. It's the one I most often cross on the way to work and I have a lot of better pictures on my pocket camera, but this is today's photo. This bridge was built in 2003

The second bridge is the Rory O'More Bridge - I never knew that till today as I've never found a name on it, and I just think of it as the St. Helen's Foundry Bridge. The current bridge was erected in 1871, with the first bridge having been built in 1670. Apparently it's also known as Queen Victoria Bridge and Victoria and Albert Bridge. Those make sense, as that stretch of the quays is Victoria Quay. With no name I've ever seen till I looked it up tonight, I think of it as the St. Helen's Foundry bridge.

I skipped Frank Sherwin bridge - not very attractive.
The last one is Sean Heuston bridge, which is just across from the mainline rail station. The tram runs over it on the way to the city centre. It was built in 1821.

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