Sunday, 28 June 2009

Phoenix Park in the evening

Another lovely sunny day yesterday. C was at a course all day, so we went for a walk in the park in the evening. The heron was very close, but the sun was right on his body and burnt the feathers out so much that I just had to make a close crop to salvage anything!
BBC World Service have a project at the moment called Save Our Sounds. Last night there was a Ugandan guy talking about the sound of rain. It set me thinking of memorable and evocative sounds for me...
The sea, for starters. We grew up near it, and always holidayed near it, and after I had a downstairs bedroom, I could slip out the window at night and climb to the top of a pine tree, and listen to the waves and the rustling of the pine needles, and watch the lighthouses.
Steam trains - for something that is already so out-of-date, it's amazing how instantly recognisable they are. Last December the Steam Preservation Society was running steam-train trips to visit Santa in Dublin. The very first time we heard one go past it was instantly recognisable. It was a shame I never could find a timetable for the trips, or I would have gone out to the level crossing to take a look.
The sound of cow or sheep bells (clarines in French) rising through the early morning mist in the Auvergne.
Some years back I took my parents to Birr Demesne for the day. A swan flew overhead, so close that we could hear the wind in its wings - musical and magical.

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