Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Two Birds in the Bush

A bird in the hand last year was certainly a magical and memorable experience. Failing that, two in the bush is better than nothing. And in fact, I saw a lot more than two today.
It was a delight to see a goldfinch again today (a pair, in fact) and I also saw a greenfinch, which I hadn't seen for a while. I am wondering if the little robins have fledged, because while the adults are still foraging away busily and industriously, instead of flying off in the same direction all the time they seemed to head into the trees in several different directions - and there was a massive amount of cheeping as opposed to birdsong going on.

We still have quite a bit of wind, but no rain today. Bet the birds are glad - I was too when I got two lots of wash dry after work.

I was trying to upload photos and a short video from our walk in the park this evening, but it's all failed, so sorting it out is tomorrow's task.


  1. Sabrina these are so full of color. I love them both. Birds always amaze me how they perch on things. I couldn't for the life of me image balancing on the end of a fencepost much less be a bird and perch on the tip of a branch. I love a windy day to dry the wash!

  2. Sabrina, thank you for visiting my blog. I had forgotten that you have one. I must show my husband your bird pictures. He is a big bird lover. In fact the The B & B that we visited last week is called "The Feathered Nest" Lots and LOTs of birds. He takes oodles of photos when we are there. I must ask him if I can post some on my blog.