Friday, 22 July 2011

Two flashes of gold

On the whole it's been a pretty grey and gloomy week.
Here are two flashes of colour which brightened it up.
We've had goldfinches (including a juvenile) at the feeder for a couple of days this week.
And this little heart's ease has popped up in my pot of Californian wildflowers.

I'm busy trying to winnow down my 1300+ photos from June to a manageable amount before I run a backup. It's all those baby birds!!

And a very brief display of robin rivalry: Fatso (my new name for him now his tail has grown) is trying to muscle in on Mrs Robin's territory. So as I heard the babies chirping to be fed I put some worms and grain on some bricks on the wall where she could easily get at them. But even there Fatso flew in.
Mind you, yesterday I saw one of the babies trying to chase Fatso away, so maybe his takeover bid will fail!!

1 comment :

  1. I just marvel at all the colors on your goldfinch. The tri-color head is so striking and then you add the gold and black wings - they're marvelous. I never knew that flower as heart's ease. I've always called it Johnny Jump Ups. You've taught me yet again!