Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ducklings revisited.

 I had a lovely walk in Farmleigh and the park yesterday, although it was horribly heavy and muggy. I went to Farmleigh first, and started feeding the ducks the heel of a loaf of bread - and along came the little ducklings scooting at high speed. Then it was time to hop out onto the tree trunk, have a little groom and then a nap. It certainly made it easier to get some good photos when they weren't zooming around in the water. I love the little chittering noise they make, too.

Even though they were just napping, it was hard to move on and leave them, I wars really enjoying watching them. I've always liked the way the ducks use that curved branch to stand on and groom themselves - it makes for great reflection photos.

When I walked over to Quarry Lake I saw a lovely female mandarin duck, and several female tufted ducks who came up much closer than normal - more photos tomorrow, and the recipe for the Mississippi Mud Pie I made for the weekend.


  1. ohhh, I love the way they are all asleep in a row, that is so sweet! Love that last photo too, the reflections are great.

  2. I'm so glad I came back to view the video - new computer at work wouldn't let me. They are a real panic, twitching those tails and flapping those budding wings. I wonder how she signals them to sit down and take a nap. The reflection is so nice to see.