Saturday, 23 July 2011

Farmleigh Ducklings

These little chicks are so much later than the ones on the canal or even in the park, but apart from the solitary singleton I saw way back, they're the only ones I've seen there, so I don't even think they're a second brood. First I saw one, then two, and in the end I think we counted nine fearless little things. I'm glad we got to Farmleigh this morning - I had a lot of cooking to do today, but after I'd given 4lb of kidney beans their rapid boil for ten minutes, I reckoned there was time to go for a walk and call in to the butcher to get some mince while they simmered away.

Playful chick

Intrepid chick

Up close chick

I'll have to go back on Monday, weather permitting, and hope that they are still there! I've never been so near little ducklings before.

The funny flapping and splashing in the background is a moorhen.
Listen to all the funny little squeaks and cheeps - and see those stubby little wings!!

Poor Mrs Robin is moulting and has lost her tail .(I hope that's what it is, it's the most likely at this time of year). I hope it grows back soon. She looks funny in her truncated form.

I'd hoped to have a recipe to share but time isn't on my side time.


  1. ah, those ducklings are the sweetest! and lucky you to have them sooo close. I have never been to Farmleigh, I really must make the effort and get myself there.

  2. We saw a single duckling last weekend with two rather colorful parents who would not allow us to get anywhere as close as you have gotten. (Cool shoes!) It is odd to see them so late in the season, but they are cute. It's amazing how they balance themselves so well, even though still a little wobbly! Poor Mrs. Robin indeed!