Friday, 8 July 2011


The SCS challenge this week was a scavenger hunt - the objects to find were a leaf, a stone, a shell, a feather and a bottle or a can. Well - not living by a beach a shell proved problematical. I believe that it's been a bad year for slugs and snails - a good year for gardeners. (On the same note I also heard that there are fewer insects, which is why many bird feeders have seen more juvenile activity than would be usual).

It was also hard to find a stone of any interest - I nearly had to "scavenge" one from the windowsill.

Leaves afloat - note the seaweed too!

A robin's feather I found in the back porch

Snail on the wall

Not local  - I spotted this beside the tram tracks near work

Message in a bottle

It's WAY too early for the rowan trees to be turning.

I found the robin feather around the time that Scarface got his scar, so I assumed it was after a fight between him and No-tail. Sadly I haven't seen Scarface for the last week or more. Mrs Robin is feeding her brood, though. They've fledged - she's flying off in all directions with her food for them instead of always in the same direction across the garden and over the wall, and I can hear that funny little kissing noise coming from the hedge when she's feeding them. Now she is certainly managing to find insects. She had a whole beakful of something too small to identify when I got home from work today. It still didn't stop her from flying straight to the back door the instant I opened it, and trying to fit a couple of mealworms in as well.

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  1. Well done with your scavenger hunt. That had to have been fun finding all those things. They seem pretty simple but I can see how they would also be challenging. Your Mrs. Robin is a beauty. Wonderful pictures Sabrina. (Yes, they're mostly egrets and they were pretty noisy too!)