Saturday, 9 July 2011


For all the many times I see a cormorant flying up the river, or swimming and diving, last week was only the second time I've seen one standing on some of the junk in the river and grooming. And the first time it was just straightforward grooming, not the wing-drying, which I've only ever seen along the cliffs.

My sister is due to stay over again this week. I'll be glad if she can give me a quick video-editing guide so that at least the program makes sense.  I like the way YouTube lets me replace a soundtrack that's pretty much just traffic noise with music, but not that it then gives you non-optional advertising...


  1. Love that first photo, he could almost be a stone dragon!

  2. Your first photo - so much a silhouette, made me think of a fleur de lis when I first saw it. Awesome is quite the word for it. You got some great close-ups. Great work with the video - the music was a lovely accompaniment.