Saturday, 2 July 2011

Taking Off

(This is the post I thought I made during the week, but it went AWOL. I think what happened is I originally posted it accidentally when I was copying the video link, so I quickly saved it as draft. But I think when I then posted it, it posted for the day I'd done it accidentally...another lesson learned. I could see a lot of fish in the river yesterday too, but they were on the far side to where I was walking, and as I was going to get the free paper and then to a little Polish shop for fresh yeast (they were out of it), I didn't have time to cross over and walk back).

Normally I see the cormorant either diving and swimming, or they appear in flight barrelling up the river. A rare treat to watch it taking off twice in the last few days. I spotted some big mullet in the river last week too.


  1. I love the bird videos, it makes me feel as if I have seen them myself :) I didn't know that cormorants went so far up the river, I have only seen them at the sea and in Dun Laoghaire harbour. I love the way they stand so still to dry their wings.

  2. Sabrina, you're doing wonderfully with your videos. No shaking and following the subject matter so smoothly. I love the taking off into the distance. Great catch!