Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Ducks galore

A few other ducks from the park on Monday...

Female Mandarin duck - smaller and daintier than the mallards

Female tufted duck

Adolescent mallard - you can see the green just starting in on the head, but there's still some soft, downy baby fluff on the back

Duckling duo

Blue flash

These are two more wildflowers that have appeared from my Californian section. This is the one that I thought was going to be some sort of escholtzia. I guess it bears as much relation to the ones I grew before as the little heartsease does to full-blown cultivated pansies. I tried to take a picture of the foliage but I need to go back and try again. This isn't much bigger than a buttercup!

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  1. I am amazed at all those different types of ducks and all the colors. That top flower certainly does look like a buttercup, but I've never seen a white flower with a red center before - how beautiful. Your wildflower patch must be a wonder to behold. We came home tonight and the deer have eaten every single impatien we had potted and broke several pots. They got some begonias too. And something's been digging under the fence in the garden. I love wildlife, but I'd like them to leave my plants alone.