Friday, 15 July 2011

In the garden

I've seen the new robin fledglings briefly - scurrying across the shed roof, and hopping around in the bushes.
This little one must be from the first brood. Mostly, though, I just hear them cheeping in the bushes, and making that funny kissing sound when they're being fed.

Mrs Robin enjoying a pause in the sunshine after some intensive food-foraging.

Just as well she had that sunshine earlier - not so much fun having to forage in the rain.

Young blue tit - you can see more blue coming in.

Young coal tit

Dunnock on the wall

I planted two packs of mixed  wildflower seeds a bit late, in May. I think this must be from the Californian selection, as I'm pretty sure I recognise some escholtzia foliage coming along nicely, but I'm not sure what this one is called.

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  1. I love listening to the cheery sounds that birds make. I don't think enough people take notice of it and just treat it as background noise. The wet robin picture is beautiful - well they all are, but that one I find exceptional. So much detail and the setting is captivating.

    I believe the flower is call Five Spot (nemophila maculata) and I've never seen one before in a garden, only pictures which I guess is still true. It is a California native. Lucky you. Those blossoms are striking.