Monday, 10 August 2009

Work in Progress

My knitting is getting along nicely - it will soon be too bulky to bring in to work. I got a lot done over the last few days while I was working on my computer.
It collapsed again last night - couldn't boot from CD, rescue disk didn't find anything to rescue. So this morning I set it up all over again. My sister suggested I wipe the disk and then format it - that will be my MO next time it collapses - if it doesn't last out till my new one arrives - but while it's working I'll let sleeping dogs lie.
This jumper was started from the neck, and you can see where the sleeves will be knit down from the yoke. I like sleeves that are knit down - when the time comes to repair the cuffs, it's so much easier. In fact, I need to make a mental note to knit C's sleeves without cuffs, and then pick up and knit the cuffs down. His watch straps are very tough on wool! I have some wool left from the Guersnsey I knit a friend's son, so I'll look out a suitable pattern and start something for my newest nephew, who is nearly 6 months already. That will be more portable for bringing into work.

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  1. Oh so pretty!! I love the colors you chose! I can crochet..but really want to learn to knit!! Lovely!!